Reality is our speciality

Welcome to the on-line home of RBUD, a reality-based self defence club in Chester, UK.

Chief Instructor James McCann

James McCann is a life-long martial artist, having first been introduced to Aikido at the age of 8, and then moving onto Catch Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts in his teens.

He  has moved away from the so-called 'traditional' arts and focuses on the more practical, pragmatic martial arts that can easily be adapted for a real scenario.

He is a;

British Combat Association certified self defence instructor in the Real Combat System;

Hatton Academy certified Boxing for Fitness instructor;

British Martial Arts and Boxing Association member;

British Martial Arts and Boxing Association certified Self Defence Instructor;

DFA Level 1 Kali Fighting System;

Former Assistant Judo coach;

Highfield Level 2 Conflict Management;

Highfield Level 2 Door Supervisor Private Security Industry;

Highfield Level 1 Substance Misuse Awareness;

ACT Counter Terrorism;

Serious Youth Violence Level 2;

Personal Safety Level 2;

Safeguarding Adults in Sport Level 2;

Child Sexual Exploitation in Sport Level 2;

Equality and Diversity in Sport Level 2;

Concussion Awareness Level 2;

City and Guilds Level 1 Business Planning;

Diploma in Legal Studies;

Diploma in Psychology;

He has studied/is studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai kickboxing, Boxing, Sombo,  Karate, and others.

He is always adding to his knowledge base, and is constantly seeking out new information.